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Threats to the Diamondback Terrapin

Terrapin Bycatch in Crab Traps

The terrapin faces numerous threats throughout its range. In addition to marsh destruction and road mortality, terrapins can drown in crab traps that are placed in their habitats. Explore the GIS StoryMap and short film below to learn more about this issue, and how it is addressed in different states.

How can you help keep terrapins out of crab traps?

It's easy - use a BRD! BRDs (bycatch reduction device, or TEDs (turtle excluder device)), are placed in the entrance funnels of crab traps to keep terrapins out while allowing crabs to enter. BRDs can be homemade out of wire, or can be purchased from your local fishing supply store or Top-ME Tags. The Keck Environmental Field Lab at the College of William & Mary can also 3D print bycatch reduction devices, or you can print your own. Read about how to install BRDs here.
Terrapin bycatch reduction device

A typical rectangular terrapin BRD. BRDs can also be oval or even square shaped.

Accidental Catch

A short film about diamondback terrapin conservation in Virginia
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