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The Diamondback Terrapin Working Group aims to maintain a database of known research projects, conservation projects, education programs, and policy initiatives to foster collaborations and promote syntheses in service of terrapin research and conservation at local, state, and national levels.

The projects listed below were submitted voluntarily. Some project files made available for public download in .csv, .doc, or .pdf format. The DTWG strongly encourages anyone using publicly available files to contact the Principal Contact regarding potential use or for answers to questions. For information and files related to other projects, please contact the Principal Contact. All files are the property of the Principal Contact and are not the property of the DTWG. Any materials are provided voluntarily and at the sole discretion of the Principal Contact. The DTWG does not review or modify the information in any files and is not responsible for the content of any files.

Click her to register a terrapin related project with the DTWG.

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