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Officers and Regional Representatives


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Officers and Regional Representatives

Senior Co-Chair -  Christina Mohrman - Gulf of Mexico Alliance
Junior Co-Chair - Amanda Southwood Williard - University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Secretary - Sarah Finn - North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Treasurer - Joe Butler - University of North Florida
Past Chairs
Mike Dorcas - 2013-2016
Russell L. Burke - Hofstra University 2010-2013
Willem M. Roosenburg - Ohio University  2007-2010
Joe Butler - University of North Florida 2004-2007
Regional Representatives - As outlined in the by-laws, each region may elect up to two regional representatives that may include one of the above officers. Regional representatives will be elected by members of the DTWG representing that region. It is recommended that each Regional Representative be selected from among researchers, interested individuals from regulatory agencies or individuals from non-governmental organization involved in terrapin conservation or management.

Geographic regions

Northeast Region - Barbara Brennessel - Wheaton College Alex Kanonik - Queens College
Rhode Island
New York

Mid-Atlantic Region - Randy Chambers - College of William and Mary
Stephanie Egger - Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
New Jersey

Southeast Region - Brian Crawford - University of Georgia
                                  Andrew Grosse - South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
                                  Sarah Finn - North Carolina Wildlife ResourcesCommission
North Carolina
South Carolina

Florida Region - Kristen Hart - USGS Florida Integrated Science Center
                             Ben Atkinson - University of Florida

Gulf Coast Region - Tom Mohrman - The Nature Conservancy
                         Will Selman - Louisana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Past Regional Representatives

Tom Mohrman - Gulf Coast Region 2004-2007
George L. Heinrich - Florida Region 2004-2007
Paula Henry - Mid Atlantic Region 2004-2007

Russell L. Burke - Northeast Region 2004-2007

Margaret Hoyle - Southeast Region 2004-2007

Charles Landry - Northeast Region 2007-2010

Patrick Baker - Mid-Atlantic Region 2007-2010