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Regional initiatives and rulings that either directly or indirectly impact terrapin populations. We rely on the vigilance of our membership to forward new information to us.  Please contact Willem M. Roosenburg for the listing of your information.

Northeastern Region

Mid-Atlantic Region


            Initiative to close the terrapin fishery spearheaded by the Chesapeake Terrapin Alliance.  This initiative was successful and the commercial terrapin fishery in Maryland was closed in the Spring of 2007 when Governor Martin O'Malley signed into law the Prohibition of commercial harvest of diamondback terrapins.

Southeastern Region (North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia)

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries Crab Pot Clean-up Info


Georgia Marine Extension Specialists Work Towards Finding a Means to Exclude Turtles from Crab Traps

Minutes for Diamondback Terrapin meeting at Burton 4H, Tybee Island, GA April 15, 2005

South Carolina

        Currently efforts are underway to prevent the construction of a bulkhead blocking access to terrapin nesting beaches on Kiwah Island.  Please contact Marilyn Blizard for more information .

       South Carolina passes bill that close the commercial terrapin fishery on 15 March 2006

Proposed South Carolina ghost crab pot removal amendment

Overview of diamondback terrapins and current crab pot regulations in South Carolina

Florida Region

Gulf Coast Region